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Instructional Sites

8 months ago

Use These Additional Keyboarding Instructional Sites After Completing Standard Units in

Air Typer

All The Right Type


Alphabet Typing

Alpha Drop

Alpha Munchies

Arachnid Falls

Assault Typing (words)

Balloon Pop

Bees and Honey Mouse Practice

Big Brown Bear Keyboarding Program

Bubbles Keyboarding Game

Chameleon Fly Catcher

Click the Circles Mouse Practice

Cup Stacking
(practice using shift + letter for capitals)

Dance Mat Typing

Dino Kids Trash Typer (words)

Edit Dan's Copy

Falling Words

Fast Typer

Finger Frenzy (have an ABC contest!)

Focal Points (repeated letters)

Fowl Words

Frogs off their Diet

Glencoe's Online Keyboarding
Gyroshi (hard!)

Home Key Kennys



Keyboard Climber

Keyboard Revolution

Keyboard Simon

Keyboarding Ergonomics

Keyboarding Exercises

Keyboarding Zoo



Keyflex (finding letters)


KeySeeker (BEGINNER!!)

Krazy Keys

Learn to Type Home Row Keys

Make an Alien Drag and Drop Mouse Practice

Martian City Defender

Meteor Game

MiniMouse Mousing Practice

Mouse Practice Links

Mouse Practice with One-to-One Correspondence

Mouse Practice Drag and Drop the Trash

Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor

Nimble Fingers Typing Lessons

NumPad Kenny's (number keypad practice)

Online Typing Games

Paratrooper Sheep Game

Power Typing

Same Game (Mouse Practice and Thinking Game!)

Slate (Mouse Practice)

Snail Invasion

Space Bar Invaders

Space Typwriter

Speed Typing (words)

Spelling Bee

Sunrise Typer Game

The Typing of the Ghosts

TouchTunes Mouse Practice

Trick or Type

Type and Pop!

Type for your Life!

Type It! (Home Row Practice)



Type Type Revolution

Typing Adventure Level 1

Typing Adventure Level 2

Typing Challenge

Typing Challenge 2

Typing Chef

Typing Circus

Typing Defense

Typing Monster

Typing Pal

Typing Passage

Typing Speed Test

Typing Speed Test at PlayKidsGames

Typing Test for Speed and Accuracy

Typing Tidepool

Typing Treasures (easy)

Typing with Burton


Typo II

UpBeat! (Home Row practice

Great K-6 Sites to Support Instructional Activities

Another great site for primary grades.

Adobe Reader Download


California Common Core Standards (CCSS)

District Document Library

Find direct links here to Office 365 and SchoolFusion support documents.
EasyTech, Aha!Math, 21st Century Skills Assessment, among others.

Microsoft Partners in Learning
Click on "Resources" and then "Free Tools".

Office 365 Log-In Screen
This is the official Microsoft log-in page, but logging in here will require you to put your password in twice.

Office 365--YCJUSD's Dedicated Log-In Page

Free way to create PDF files. (Adobe Reader cannot create PDF files--it can only open them.)

If you want to provide links to YouTubes for your students to view away from school, use SafeShareTV to "frame" the YouTube video so that there is no chance the student will be exposed to inappropriate links/other videos on the same page.

Probably the best site for the primary grades!

Create a home page for your browser with direct button links to all of your favorite sites. You can use the education version to create a page of links for your students to use, too.

Create an avatar and record your voice to make it talk. Then, insert your Voki avatar into your web page or PowerPoint.

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