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Parent Corner

10 months ago

Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online

So much of kids' social lives happens online. Whether they're texting with their study group, flirting on social media, or voice-chatting on game platforms, middle and high schoolers can learn to communicate in safe and healthy ways. These skills will help kids -- and the people they're communicating with -- have positive experiences online.

Click here to read the 4 tips.

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How to Block and Report Cyberbullying on Instagram

Common Sense Media releases information on how to empower your teen by helping them use the app's features and settings.

Click here to read the article.

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Popular with Teens and Tweens 

How parents can monitor its safe use

Common Sense Media reviews the TikTok app and how parents can monitor their child's use of the app, privacy settings, and safe use.

Click here, or on image, to view video.

Click here to read article.

Click to watch overview video of TikTok app

Setting Parental Controls

Common Sense Media reviews setting parental controls on websites, apps, and cell phones.

Click here to read the article.

Click here to read article on Parental Controls

About Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship means being a good citizen in a digital world.  This includes responsible online behavior and etiquette, responsible use of digital content and resources, and reporting violations of appropriate online behavior.  Common Sense Media has developed Digital Citizenship lessons for schools K-12, and has developed resources for used at home.

Click here to see Digital Citizenship resources.

Great Audio Books for Kids

Common Sense Media reviews a list of audio books for kids to keep them engaged during long road-trips.

Click here to see the list of audio books for kids.


Chatting with Kids About Being Online

Net Cetera is a parent friendly resource for learning how to talk with your child, tween, or teen about online behavior and safety.  

Click here to access Net Cetera.

Click here to access Net Cetera
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