Aeries Parent/Student Portal 

2 years ago

Aeries Portal Access
Middle/High School Parents and Students Only
Note:  The Aeries Portal may not be available to parents and students until the second week of school each year.

All parent and student accounts from last year will continue to work in the new year--even if the student has changed school sites.  If your have forgotten your password, simply click the "Forgot Your Password?" link.  If you have changed your email address (which functions as a username), please contact the school secretary so that he/she can put your new email address into the system.  

School sites will distribute Aeries Portal account creation information to students and parents of 6th graders and, also for any student in middle or high school grades who is new to the district this year.  In order to create a new account, students and parents will need the student's Verification Passcode, or "VPC" (which is not the Email Confirmation Code) and the student's 9- or 10-digit ID number.   Please contact the school office if you are new to the District and did not receive this information by the second week of school.

Note:  The Aeries Portal server will send an automated message to your private email address as part of the Aeries Portal account creation process.  Be sure that your email account is set to allow incoming messages from the domain "".  Since the emails will be automated, many email systems (notably AOL) reject such messages unless the exact email address or its domain name is added to the safe senders list. 

Also, the system will only allow the creation of one Aeries Portal log-in account using a single email address; however, parents may, once they have created their first new Aeries Portal account, link that account to other children they may have within the district provided that they also have the VPC and Permanent ID for those students, as well (see paragraph below).

Students under the age of 13 may not yet have an email account of their own, and parents may not yet be ready for them to have their own accounts.  In those cases, we encourage parents to either establish a parent-monitored email account for their child or simply allow your student to also use your Aeries Portal parent account once created.  Should the child click the Forgot Password link and the password gets reset, it is the parent who will receive the email with the new password--not the student.

Linking to Additional Children:  Once you have created an account for one student in your family, you may link to your other children through Aeries Portal by clicking the CURRENT STUDENT drop-down menu selector at the top right-hand side of the ABI home page and click the link to "Add Additional Student Not Currently Listed."  You will need to provide a separate Permanent ID number, telephone number, and VPC for each additional student to which you would like to link.

One final note:  Be sure that the browser being used is set to refresh each page with each visit so that the most recent data is always what your computer displays.