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NGSS - Elementary Science
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Next Generation Science Standards PD

over 2 years ago

By Linda Moffatt

      Elementary teachers will experience science through an interactive, three-dimensional inquiry model supporting the Next Generation Science Standards.  Teachers will cultivate an understanding of the new science standards through real world experiences and methods that ignite student learning and their excitement for science.

Part 1 of our experience will begin with an interactive model lesson for teachers, followed by an overview of the architecture of the new NGSS conceptual framework, the shift toward the three dimensions of the framework- scientific and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas, integrating the three dimensions, and implementation (curriculum, instruction, teacher development, and assessment).

Part 2 will include information and useful resources from CalRecycle- Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI). The EEI curriculum consists of 85 state-adopted and approved units that complement existing instructional materials, allowing teachers to substitute EEI Curriculum units for portions of the textbooks they are currently using.

science rocks graphic

2nd and 3rd Grade NGSS

Phenomenon: Exploding Seeds (Video)

Culminating Activity: Tying in Engineering, teachers created a model that focuses on Structure and Function. - seed carriers.

seeds carrier model1
seeds carrier model2

Seed Carrier

seeds carrier model3

Seed Carrier

seeds carrier model4

Seed Carrier

California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI)

"The California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) teaches critical skills in science and history-social science using environmental topics, such as water and energy, as a lens.

The EEI Curriculum makes learning relevant and fun for students by engaging them in topics they care about – the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat. All content is California State Board of Education-approved and helps support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Use the free EEI Curriculum to build your students’ understanding of their relationship to the environment and prepare them to be critical thinkers and 21st century problem solvers." (

Use your "Golden Ticket" to order your EEI materials today.

California Education and the Environment Initiative