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Kindergarten End of Module Assessments
Grade 1 End of Module Assessments - TenMarks

Week of Inspiration

about 1 year ago

By Linda Moffatt

Updated: August 30

Week of Inspirational Math

The Week of Inspirational Math was developed by Jo Boaler (Growth Mindsets) and her team at Stanford University and can be found on the youcubed website (YouCubed).   You will need to register (free) on the YouCubed site in order to access the material.  The purpose of the Week of Inspirational Math includes:

  • Inspiring students through “open and creative math”, and
  • Teaching students important growth mindset messages that will help them feel confident about math, persist with open and difficult problems, and embrace mistakes and challenges. 

YouCubed has chosen different tasks for students to see math as a broad, interesting and visual subject that involves deep thinking.  All tasks are accessible to all students and they extend to high levels.

The first Week of Inspirational Math was in 2015.  Since then, the Youcubed team has added three additional weeks.  

Also, please check out Jo Boaler's video on the Importance of Struggle.  (Dramatization by college students)

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about 1 year ago

By Linda Moffatt

Update: August 31

If you have not checked out Zearn lately, please take a few minutes to see the updates thay have made.  

Zearn Math is a comprehensive approach to learning and teaching math, based on Eureka Math/EngageNY.  Zearn Math combines personalized digital lessons with targeted small group instruction so that every teacher can reach every student, every day.  

Zearn is non-profit and it will remain free to all K-5 teachers and students and it is a wonderful resource for a blended learning classroom.

 Please click on the pictures below for an overview of Zearn.  

To begin using Zearn, go to  

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